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NEA OSS Promotion Forum WG3

Public Documents

The public documents of Northeast Asia OSS promotion forum WG3:

  • The Final Draft of “Report of Web Intertoperability Discrepancy”
    • File: Technical Report of Web Interoperability Discrepancy (Portable Document Format)
    • Publish Date: 2007-09-12
    • Abstract:
      This technical report is to identify current situation of Web interoperability and toprovide information to public.

      By figuring out and classifying the Web interoperability
      discrepancies, this report provides the foundation of further research.

  • Requirements for Specification of Input Method engine Service Provider Interface
    • File: NEAOSS_WG3_TR00001 (Portable Document Format)
    • Publish date: 13th April, 2006
    • Abstract:
      NEAOSS Forum WG3 formed subsidiary group:SWG1 in Dec. 2004. It addresses to study Input Method engine Service Provider Interface that can be used worldwide and propose the specification to ISO/IEC JTC 1 through the Free Standards Group, in order to establish a single world wide standard for interface among Input Method engines, User Interface Components and Input Method framework.

      The establishment of the standard will enable Input Method engines to be bound to Input Method framework on demand.

      This document addresses the requirements of Interface specifications standard among Input Method Engines, User Interface Components and Input Method Framework.

      The IM engine SPI standard should realize all general and functional requirements in this document.

  • A draft of the IM Engine SPI Feature Description List
    • File: draft-feature-description-list (Portable Document Format)
    • Publish Date: July 3, 2006
    • Abstract:
      The list describes the IM Engine SPI features with the following sections: initialize/finalize, framework/engine negotiation, mtext utility functions, event flow, lookup choice, UI component, storage manager, IM client text handling, hot key.
  • A second draft of the IM Engine SPI specification
    • File: IM Engine SPI specification (2nd draft)(Portable Document Format)
    • Public Date: September 12, 2007
    • Abstract:
      This is technical review document of the IM Engine SPI specification. WG3 will update it as 3rd draft of specification in 2007.